Our restaurant is located in the centre of the old town of Lucca, surrounded by an unbelievable variety of sightseeing attractions that you will encounter just making your way to us. If one thing deserves a mention here, it has to be house where Giacomo Puccini, the composer of world-renowned operas as "Tosca", "Madama Butterfly", "La Bojč" and more, was born, just a few steps away from our restaurant.

If you wish to round off your meal with a digestive stroll, you will find many more things to discover in the immediate vicinity: the San Michele church with its attractive square, Piazza Napoleone and the palace built for Napoleon's sister, the many old fountains from witch crystal-clear water still flows, San Paolino, the only Baroque church amongst all the city's Roman churches, the 2nd-century Roman amphitheatre on whose walls apartments now stand.

And once you have had enough of the architectural sights and are simply longing to be in leafy surroundings, nowhere in the city is far from the city wall as the wall sorrounds the entire city. You should not miss taking a little walk on this tree-lined city wall, on which extensive lawns are laid out and enjoyed by the Lucca locals for relaxation, sport playing and chatting.

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